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2TB Toshiba 2TB StoreE Alu2 Desktop hard drive for £59.99

The Toshiba 2TB StoreE Alu2 desktop drive looks as if it might have been designed by Apple. It has a solid aluminium casing (which is both sturdy and acts as a heat sink), nice lines and an exquisite finish.

What’s more surprising though is its price. At £59.99, it is one of the cheapest 2TB hard disk drives on the market and one of the very few drives across the range that can offer a GB of storage space for under 3p.

The rest of the specification is common to most external hard drive. This StoreE, which is also known as the PX1640M-1HL0, has a 7200RPM hard disk drive with a seek time of 8.5ms, consumes up to 24W (which means that it does require an external power source), has a USB 2.0 interface (not USB 3.0, which is a real shame) and comes preloaded with a security software as well as low power consumption feature.

We have no clue whether or not you may pry the enclosure open to extract the hard disk drive within (which you would then use elsewhere). Still, if you only want something cheap to carry around your data, this 2TB StorE hard drive is hard to beat.