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Weekend Roundup: 2013's biggest security threat, Margaret Thatcher dies, and Samsung UE55F8000 Smart TV

Thatcher's Twitter legacy

Whatever you thought of Margaret Thatcher and her politics – and, let's be honest, you definitely thought something – there's no denying that the recently deceased former Prime Minister left an indelible imprint on her nation and its governance. So too did she leave a surprising mark on Twitter, despite the fact that Britain's Iron Lady would scarcely have been able to grasp the concept of microblogging before her demise. Whether you were organising street parties or making it known you were a proud occupier of the moral high-ground, chances are you shared an opinion on Margaret Thatcher this week - and as part of a cumulative mass, it may have mattered more than you think.

A world event of this scale demanded acknowledgement, and we duly rounded up a sampling of the most memorable tweets related to Margaret Thatcher's death, taking in everything from the clinically respectful response of Labour Party leader Ed Miliband to the incendiary remarks of maverick MP George Galloway (see image, below). Much in the same that way that online abuse of British diving star Tom Daley catapulted the issue of trolling into the spotlight during the 2012 London Olympics, public reaction to Baroness Thatcher's death created a social media storm and raised the deep moral question of whether it is appropriate to rejoice in the death of an enemy.

How did you react to Margaret Thatcher's death? Were your thoughts shared via social media or kept private? Does Twitter risk becoming an unnavigable battleground in the fallout to major global occurrences like the Iron Lady's passing? Did we miss a priceless tweet? Let us know your thoughts - you can find us on all the major social networks via the logos at the top of the page.

Ransomware in 2013: welcome to your worst nightmare

Very few words are capable of striking fear into the heart of a hardened security veteran, but 'ransomware' has been sending shivers down the collective spine of the security world in 2013. This breed of malicious software owes its name to the way in which it attacks a computer, quite literally holding it to ransom by paralysing the device and demanding payment for it to be unlocked. Far-reaching and indiscriminate, the scariest part of a ransomware attack is that you don't have be downloading dodgy dogging videos to fall victim to one – normal, wholesome browsing habits still leave you vulnerable.

According to the experts, it's a classic cops and robbers scenario, and the cyber criminals behind this devious new strain of malware demonstrate a "real world" criminal mindset. And forsooth, the ill-gotten rewards of such schemes are very tangible indeed – a recent ransomware plot traced to crooks in the Costa Del Sol featured a haul that ran into the "millions," reports indicate. All that's missing is an atrocious Danny Dyer film. That, and the verdict of our resident security guru, of course - Will Dalton's ransomware analysis is a must-read this weekend.

Is Samsung's UE55F8000 the best TV ever?

It's safe to say that Samsung has caught our eye of late, but the South Korean consumer electronics giant may have impressed most on less obvious fronts. The Galaxy S4 has predictably hogged the limelight and we're itching to take it for a proper spin following its UK release later this month, but in the meantime, the mundanely named Samsung UE55F8000 Smart TV wowed our crack reviewer, Danny Philips.

For starters, the 55in edge-LED LCD set is an aesthetic triumph - its 'deep arc' stand is a superb bit of modelling that's rightly regarded as the Holy Grail of telly design at the moment, while a depth measurement of just 34mm means that it's as svelte as this kind of hardware can be. Apple, if it really is planning to enter the TV display market in the near future, would do well to take note.

The catch? Well, the UE55F8000's £2,500 price tag certainly isn't for the faint hearted - or shallow pocketed. It's the kind of outlay that sends most bank managers into cardiac arrest, but if a product were ever able to justify such an oligarchic sum, then this most likely is it.

In addition to its drool-worthy design, the UE55F8000 offers an absurd array of functionality, including just about every Smart TV capability you can imagine via Samsung's easy-to-navigate Smart Hub. Then there's the staggering picture quality, which makes you question if we really need this whole 4K malarkey after all - black/white contrasts in particular are as richly defined as we've seen.

So is it the best TV ever? It would be foolhardy to stake such a bold claim, but what we can say is that the Samsung UE55F8000 Smart TV's perfect 10/10 review score stands it in extremely good stead - it's one of the first products in a while to obtain the rarefied rating. Respect where respect is due, Samsung - you've manufactured a masterpiece here.