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Huawei secures place in Italy's 1 billion euro 4G project

Huawei is continuing its expansion into the European market having now signed a 1 billion euro contract to help the implementation of Italy’s ultra-fast 4G mobile network.

The project will be funded by the country’s third biggest phone company, Wind Telecom, with Huawei and Italian firm Sirti set to provide the technology and expertise for the new network.

"This new considerable investment follows last year's purchase of the LTE (Long Term Evolution) frequencies," Wind CEO Maximo Ibarra said in the statement.

A Huawei spokesperson revealed that the deal will last five years, reports Reuters.

The move provides a welcome boost for Huawei’s aspirations to expand its influence outside Asia, where it has prospered in both business and consumer tech. The Chinese manufacturer, now among the biggest mobile companies in the world, has already secured 4G contracts with EE in the UK and Vodafone in Germany but was shut out of Australia’s National Broadband Network last year and continues to be shunned by the US.

With critics arguing Huawei’s products contain security flaws that could even be exploited by the Chinese government, the firm has offered sceptical technicians access to its hardware and source code in a bid to improve its reputation worldwide.