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The value of IBM PureSystems

In our first three pieces, we discussed what IBM PureSystems is and how it works in principle. But as with any new IT system you might be thinking about deploying, the biggest question is whether it will improve your business competitiveness, and in particular whether you will be saving money. In this video, IBM PureSystems Chief Strategy Officer John Warnants looks at some example areas where the value proposition for PureSystems is particularly strong. For example, PureSystems supports both X86 and Power processors, and if security is important the super-secure PowerVM hypervisor is available, among a host of other benefits. The advantages come both from the PureSystems components and the integrated system as a whole. Going all the way to the Pattern-based delivery we have discussed in a previous piece, the cost reduction can be significant. The speed of provision with Patterns means services can be deployed only when they are needed, and not permanently, just in case they will be used, which is a much more efficient arrangement.