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Meet the £10m iPhone 5 Black Diamond: British jeweller crafts world's most expensive smartphone

How much would you pay for a luxury smartphone? Vertu has an Android-based device for £7,000, but that a bargain compared to the £10 million iPhone that's blinged out with a rare black diamond.

Yes, £10 million for a smartphone. As noted by CNN, a Chinese businessman contacted London-based jeweller Stuart Hughes about his gold iPhones. But the man later revealed that he had a 26-carat black diamond he wanted to incorporate into an iPhone 5.

The diamond-encrusted iPhone 5 is now available on for just £10 million.

According to the description, Hughes said the phone took nine weeks to create. The body of the iPhone 5 is solid gold, and the edges of the iPhone have 600 white diamonds. The Apple logo on the back of the phone also includes 53 diamonds.

For those who can't afford the £10 million price tag, Hughes offers an "entry-level" solid gold iPhone 5 that starts at just under £22,000. Hughes also made the world's former "most expensive iPhone," a £6 million iPhone 4S featuring rose gold and 500 diamonds.

The iPhone isn't the only smartphone to get the luxury treatment, and car makers appear especially interested in crafting these pricey gadgets. Last year, for example, BlackBerry showed off a Porsche-branded BlackBerry Bold 9900. Lamborghini also offers luxury phones and tablets, while the Grand Touch Aston Martin jazzes up a Nexus S.

Don't forget the fashion folk. In 2011, the Android-based Tag Heuer Link went on sale and costs as much as £16,350, while Dior crafted the haute couture Rêverie phone for £78,000.