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Samsung 500GB 840 Series SSD now down to £209.99

Samsung is spearheading a massive drive to cut the price of quality solid state drives in the market and Dabs is offering a 500GB model, the MZ-7TD500BW, for as little as £209.99 including delivery and a £50 cashback offer (otherwise, the price is £259.99).

The drive is designed, according to Samsung, for power users. It can deliver up to 98 KIOPS (random read speed) and 70 KIOPS (random write) with sequential read/write transfer rates hitting (540MBps and 330MBps). Samsung uses an MDX controller that, the company says, hits those speeds regardless of the data type.

At just under 42p per GB, this is a superb price and one can only wonder what kind of havoc a pair of those would cause in parallel (RAID-0). Bear in mind though that this is still way more than what flash memory (MLC) costs and what hard disk drives in general usually fetch (around 3p per GB).

Lately though we’ve noticed a resurgence of hybrid solutions, brought about by Ultrabooks, that combine a small amount of flash memory (typically less than 32GB) with a traditional hard disk drive, either integrated or as two separate solutions. You can review the 250GB version of the Samsung 840 SSD here.

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