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Spotify arrives in Latin America amid global expansion

Swedish firm Spotify is continuing its global expansion, today announcing a host of new countries that will be able to access its music streaming service.

Heading up the geographical charge is Mexico, which may well prove significant as the company gains its first hold in the vast Latin American market.

Elsewhere, Spotify has also arrived in Asia’s Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, while European growth sees availability hit Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland too.

“This fantastic step now brings us to 28 markets and closer to our dream of making all the world’s music available instantly to everyone, wherever and whenever they want it,” the company said on its official blog.

With major tech players including Apple reportedly lining up rival streaming services, Spotify will be desperate to increase its already sizeable 24 million strong ‘active’ user base before others get it on the act.

There has been scepticism over the service’s ability to convert these users into paid subscribers, but with six million people now signed up to its premium packages the revenue streams will be broadening for the Swedes.

Further evidence of this success was perhaps illustrated in the firm’s recent decision to drop restrictions on free users by allowing unlimited listening instead of a five-play cap on songs.