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ACTi D32 review: 3MP outdoor IP security camera

Last year we tested a number of outdoor IP cameras, some of which were able to stream Full HD footage which was quite impressive at the time. A year later that's no longer very unique, and now even cameras that stream 3 or 5 megapixels are becoming increasingly affordable. We tested the ACTi D32, a bullet camera that can stream video with a resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels over any type of network.

The price of £227 or € 267 is relatively affordable, and products from ACTi tend to be easy to integrate with Synology NAS devices for example. The image quality is potentially very good, and with an interesting price tag it's worth taking a closer look at the D32.

The ACTi D32 is a bullet camera, which means that it looks like a short tube with a lens in front and a network cable in the back. The D32 is made entirely out of aluminium, doesn't have any protruding parts and feels solid. The camera is rated IP66, which means it's water and dust proof so you can hang it outside. The included accessories include an adjustable mounting component for the wall or ceiling, and a cap that can be attached to the top of the camera for shielding it against the sun.

The D32 has two threaded connector holes on the bottom and one in the back for mounting the camera. From the back a single 40 cm cable comes out with an RJ45 ethernet connector. That means it doesn't have any analog output, or a trigger connector. The camera is powered via Power Over Ethernet (POE), so you will need a switch (or router) that supports this.

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