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Chinese tablet makers opt for Mediatek’s quad-core solutions

Mediatek is apparently being chosen by a majority of white-box manufacturers in China for their tablet solutions. The system-on-chip designer, whose solutions have been adopted by the likes of Lenovo or Acer for their smartphones and tablets, is said to be preferred because it offers 3G functionality out of the box.

Other rivals such as AllWinner and Fuzhou Rockchip only support Wi-Fi and according to Digitimes’ Max Wang and Adam Hwang, Mediatek has the upper end when it comes to pricing. The publication also says that the price difference between quad-core and dual-core tablets is only $10 (in bulk) and Allwinner-equipped 7in tablet (with the A10 or A13) cost up to $60 on average with 3G adding another $30 to the price.

Two of the biggest white-box tablet manufacturers, Jinwah Digital and PN Device ship around seven million tablets a year (that’s roughly around 600,000 per month on average) to mature and emerging markets.

The report doesn’t mention anything about Qualcomm which has unveiled a number of quad-core solutions, like the MSM8225Q, a quad-core Cortex-A5 SoC, which comes with integrated wireless capabilities and aimed exclusively at the Chinese market.

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