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Guardian teams up with EE to launch Guardian Witness citizen journalism project

In what could well become a trendsetting example, mobile phone operator EE and news outlet Guardian have launched a user-generated content platform called GuardianWitness.

The project was unveiled at the NewsWorks’ Shift 2013 event and will allow users to submit videos, pictures and texts via their mobile devices directly to the news desk.

The partnership will allow EE to tap into Guardian’s audience once a month through an EE-inspired assignment (and the Guardian Witness website carries an EE MPU advertising).

Marketing Week quotes Spencer McHugh, director of brand at EE, saying “This revolutionary new platform from the Guardian recognises these developments, enabling users to film or photograph something and share it with the Guardian’s editorial team in a matter of seconds, and EE is delighted to support the Guardian’s approach to open journalism.”

The Guardian has long maintained an “open strategy” paradigm and has been keen to tap into the “open journalism” (or crowdsourcing journalism) vision. Content collated through GuardianWitness will be curated and may be used online, on its social network channels, in the newspaper and even its Youtube channels.

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