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LenovoEMC unveils new line of high performance NVRs

LenovoEMC recently announced a new line of high performance network video recorders (NVRs) that feature Milstone Arcus's latest video management software (VMS).

The NVRs are digital video recorder appliances. The design is based on the Iomega px NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices. Three models make up the product family: the LenovoEMC px2-300d NVR, a dual-drive device that includes 4TB of storage and four camera licenses; the four-drive px4-300d NVR available with 4TB of storage and eight camera licenses or 8TB and 16 licenses.

The video recorders use server-class drives, which according to LenovoEMC, provide higher reliability and performance.

Milestone Arcus is the embedded video surveillance software. The video management tool is designed to be easy to install for LenovoEMC NVR users.

A few key features of the NVRs include:

  • Automated setup
  • Full functioning NAS on top of video surveillance capabilities
  • Able to support analog cameras as well as IP cameras with the additional of a 16 channel PCIe accessory
  • Wide IP camera model support
  • Motion Detection
  • Live view and playback
  • Mobile application live view (iOS and Android)
  • Alert notifications

The NVRs are expected to ship in May, although pricing has yet to be announced. Additionally, customers who already have Iomega-branded PX NASes running the LenovoEMC Lifeline 4.0 operating system can obtain the Milestone Arcus VMS as a downloadable application from

The downloadable version of Milestone Arcus includes two demo camera licenses for a 30 day trial period. Full licenses can be purchased and activated thereafter.