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Logitech announces new Harmony Ultimate and Harmony Smart Control universal TV remotes

When is a remote control more than a remote control? When it's a Logitech Harmony universal TV remote, which has now got two new additions to its lineup: the Harmony Ultimate and Harmony Smart Control.

Both devices come with Logitech's new Harmony Hub, a miniature box similar to the Harmony Link that allows users to control devices like game consoles and smartphones, and works through closed cabinets and walls.

The Harmony Ultimate is what Logitech director of marketing Chad Thompson called the company's "most fully featured product." It includes a 2.4in colour touch screen, which serves as home to a number pad, channel list, and other options, including integration with Phillips Hue lightbulbs.

"With just one touch, your remote can turn on your TV, start the Blu-ray, and dim the lights to the desired brightness or temperature and you're ready to relax," Thompson said in a blog post.

The Ultimate (pictured, top) can control up to 15 devices, and comes equipped with a plastic body that can comfortably fit multiple hand positions. Swiping and tapping gestures provide gentle vibration feedback, so as to not distract the user from what's really important — watching TV. It also connects to an iOS or Android smartphone to share the universal remote capabilities.

The Harmony Smart Control includes similar features, though it lacks a touch screen and works with a maximum of eight devices.

With the Harmony Smartphone App, users can transform their phone into a personalised controller. Don't like the same reality TV shows your spouse regularly watches? No problem: each phone can be customised to fit your own interests, without having to sync with the rest of your family.

The Logitech Harmony Ultimate is expected to land in the UK in May and will carry a suggested retail price of £229 for a bundle that includes a Harmony Hub. The Logitech Harmony Smart Control will arrive shortly thereafter and sell for £109, also inclusive.

Check out Logitech's latest universal remotes in action in the video below.