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Orange debuts Free Voip app Libon on Android

Orange has launched Libon, its integrated communication application, on Android. The application was already available on iOS and will allow users of both platform to make “free” calls, smart messaging and personalised visual voicemail.

The application was launched on Apple’s platform in November 2012 and will compete with Whatsapp, Viber and to a lesser extent Rebtel, Google Voice, Facebook Messenger and Skype.

Libon users will be able to make HD quality voice calls regardless of their locations, over 3G or Wi-Fi and Libon will even be able to pull previous exchanges into one place allowing users to give some context to conversations.

Other options include customise voicemail for different groups of persons (family, friends, colleagues) as well as the ability to sync all messages to the cloud, picture and audio messages and push-to-talk capabilities.

It will be interesting to see whether in the UK, the application is shared with T-Mobile and EE, Orange (UK) being a subsidiary of the latter. Libon is not the first free communication application to launch on a smartphone. Telefonica-owned O2 unveiled Tu a while back. Note that there is also a premium version of Libon.

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