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Samsung announces new media partnerships ahead of launch of Galaxy S4

Samsung and EA have teamed up to deliver an exclusive edition of “Need for Speed Most wanted” that has been optimized for the Korean company’s top-of-the-range smartphone, the Galaxy S4, which is set to go on sale on 26 April.

The game will feature in-game Samsung branding and will be available for download on Samsung Games. It will also be available for free for the first 100,000 Galaxy S4 customers across Europe only.

Other than EA, Samsung also said that it will also partner with the likes of Michelin, GoodBeans and Random House Mondadori to provide with content for the Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy S4 was unveiled in New York just over a month ago and is already one of Samsung’s best-selling smartphones, based on its preorders.

It is also the most expensive mainstream smartphone on the market ahead of the likes of the Apple iPhone 5 or the HTC One.

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