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Web users spent a quarter of their time online on social networks in 2012

A report published by Experian shows that internet users in the US, UK and Australia spend on average 16 minutes of every hour spent online on updating their status and their accounts on social networks or forums on their desktop computers.

In comparison, nine minutes is spent on entertainment websites and only 10 per cent (or six minutes) on shopping.

Of the three countries, UK internet users are the most engaged online shoppers according to the research, spending proportionally more time on shopping websites compared to the US or Australia. Experian says in December 2012, around 370 million hours were spent buying things online in the UK, a quarter more than the monthly average.

Looking closer at the figures, it’s worth noting that the time spent on social media across the three territories has dropped down, possibly due to the fact that people spend more time online while out and about.

After Social, Media and shopping, news, adult, email and lifestyle are the next biggest categories. Another noteworthy titbit in the report is that email was the top category for time spent on mobile in the first quarter of 2013.

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