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Automated deployment with IBM PureSystems

One of the key areas where IBM PureSystems provides benefits is in its automation of deployment, revolving around Patterns. You can automate the deployment of database topology, which is particularly important with data warehousing. For example, you can build in analytic functions. However, the reasons for purchasing IBM PureSystems can vary. It can be bought just for the quality of the hardware, or because it's a great platform for a virtual desktop infrastructure. More generally, it can help ISPs provide infrastructure, application platforms and databases as a service. IBM has a directory of ISVs that have created Patterns for installing their application systems, so these can be provisioned in an almost "off the shelf" fashion. All of this can radically transform service delivery to a more automated and self-service arrangement, with very positive implications for the time, cost and risk associated with IT deployment. In the following video, IBM PureSystems Chief Strategy Officer John Warnants explains the different areas where automated deployment can benefit your business.