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Google speeds up mobile search with new result features

Google has introduced two new features aimed at speeding up mobile web searches.

When searching Google from a mobile device, users will now see a list of quick links under the main website in the results. These expandable links should help users get to a specific section of a webpage more quickly. This feature has, of course, been available on the desktop version of Google for some time.

Google said it added expanded links for many sites, including the popular film review site Rotten Tomatoes. A mobile search for Rotten Tomatoes will now show the main website as well as a quick link for "In Theatres," so users can quickly see what's playing.

"When you're searching for information on the go, speed matters," Google said in a Tuesday blog post. "If you want to check out Rotten Tomatoes for a new movie to go see with your friends, you might not want to navigate through the Rotten Tomatoes homepage to find the list of top movies while your friends are anxiously waiting."

Google this week also added a new "Quick View" button next to certain mobile search results that will display relevant information so a user doesn't actually need to click through to a website. When searching for "poker hands," for instance, users will now see a blue button labeled "Quick View." Clicking that button will immediately display a list of poker hands from Wikipedia.

Google said that Quick View is still in the testing phase, and is limited to Wikipedia results when searching in English. The web giant is working to expand the feature to additional websites.