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Obscure TV manufacturer unveils £850 Ultra HD 4K television

Seiki Digital is not a household name in the US and even less in the UK but this electronics manufacturer has been getting some coverage lately because it is the first one to have launched an “affordable” 4K UHD television set.

The Seki SE50UY04 is a 50in television with a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution that costs a mere $1,299 (around £850) from ShopNBC, a price that includes a HDMI cable, shipping and two-year extended warranty plus a $40 Easy Canvas certificate.

Nothing prevents you from using it as a monitor but you will only be able to reach the famed 4K2K resolution (albeit at 30Hz) using HDMI and a decent graphics card or chip. At more than 8.29 million pixels, it packs twice the resolution of QHD monitors (3.69 megapixel).

The monitor also comes with a 5000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, a VERGA mount, a 6.5ms response time, three HDMI ports, Freeview tuner and a thinner-than-average bezel. Oddly, it does have an Ethernet connector but the USB port onboard is used for service only.

Other connectors include a VGA output, Component Video, RCA input/output, a headphone socket and a digital out.

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