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Virgin Media unveils new traffic management policy

Ed: We received the following statement from Virgin media "Our previous policy was to reduce both upload and download if customers hit traffic management on either stream. There is a fundamental difference in that now depending on what threshold you hit, it will only be the download or upload not both together."

At a time where some of its competitors (BT and Sky) are putting forward the lack of traffic management as one major selling point, Virgin media has decided to change its traffic management policy although we’re not sure whether this will be a good or a bad thing.

The ISP, which is now owned by Liberty Global, said in a statement that "We remain committed to bringing greater clarity to the broadband industry and urge every provider to step up and advertise the information people need to make an informed choice".

To make matters worse, even customers on their 120Mbps service can expect some restrictions, even if Virgin media says that only one in 40 of their customers will be affected by the new rules.

In a nutshell, when a customer reaches his hourly traffic cap (which for the cheapest 30Mbps service is 2.75GB), the system will reduce the line’s upload or download speeds for one hour and if he hits twice, the speed will be reduced for two hours and on.

P2P traffic is already affected by an existing traffic shaping scheme which slows it down regardless of whether the user has reached his hourly limit or now.

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