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Anonymous to establish citizen journalism site after crowdsourcing a cool £35,000

Renegade hacking collective Anonymous has raised more than £35,000 to fund the development of a new crowdsourced news platform, set to be dubbed Your Anon News.

The site will inherit its name from the hacktivist group's social media presence. Across the likes of Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook, Anonymous delivers news through accounts carrying the Your Anon News moniker.

Anonymous said that its new project would encourage citizen journalists to live stream coverage of events and provide an alternative to the "10-second sound bites provided by the corporate media."

The £35,000 kitty was collected via crowdsourced funding site Indiegogo, with more 1,000 people contributing to the project. The money is set to be used for site development and hosting fees.

"We haven't had a space to to provide a proper forum for our many contributors and talented supporters. We love the livestreamers that provide Your Anon News with first-hand reporting and the independent journalists whose voices often unheard, but we aren't supporting them the way we should. We're here to change that," Anonymous stated in its Your Anon News pitch.

However, not all observers were convinced that the initiative would materialise into a reliable news outlet.

"I think it is highly likely to be biased," Professor Alan Woodward, a cybersecurity expert at the University of Surrey, told the BBC.

"The group have shown that they have a very particular political agenda, and so I can imagine this news feed will be on a par with a newspaper that has very obvious political leanings," he continued.

Professor Woodward added: "The really obvious issue is that there is a lack of accountability. With an organisation that is by definition "anonymous" how can one trust that what is being promulgated is accurate?"

Citizen journalism is an on-trend topic at the moment, with the Guardian newspaper and mobile phone operator EE recently announcing a collaborative project in the form of user-generated content platform GuardianWitness.