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Belkin @TV Plus preview: TV always, everywhere

You're no longer limited to watching TV at home on the couch, now you can watch TV even when there's no TV around. How? With the @TV Plus from Belkin. Hardware.Info tested to find out how it works, not in order to watch television during working hours.

The @TV Plus is a set-top box that makes it possible to watch live and recorded TV on the go, on your laptop, smartphone and tablet. And you're not limited to your own WiFi connection, it also works over mobile internet. You connect it at home to your network and your set-top box for the TV. After going through the installation wizard, you're ready to go.

The Belkin @TV Plus costs around £110 or €130. The box it comes in includes cables for connecting to the composite and component ports, an ethernet cable, a cable for transmitting an IR signal to a set-top box, a SCART adapter and a Quick Install guide. The CD-ROM that's included only contains the warranty conditions, but not a full user manual or anything like that.

The @TV Plus isn't a revolutionary product, as it's comparable to the products in the Slingbox line.

The Belkin @TV Plus is best described as a second net-top box to be placed next to your standard one. It's smaller compared to the Humax IRHD-5100C we connected it to, but it's not that small. It's slightly larger than your average router.

Since we already have an excellent HDMI connection between the Humax and the TV, we left it that way. You can read the rest of the Belkin @TV Plus review on