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Meet the £7,000 Dell PowerEdge C6100 server with 0.77TB RAM

Somewhere on eBay lies a specialist high end server retailer called MrRackables who is selling Dell PowerEdge C6100 servers for $7,799 which is roughly equivalent to £7,000 when you add in VAT and delivery (plus you get 5,000 Nectar points).

That is still a fraction of what you’d pay if you had bought it new from Dell (note that this server comes with 30-day warranty).

The PowerEdge C6100 is an object of beauty. Compatible with VMWare ESXi 4.1 and 5.0, it comprises of four nodes each with two Intel Xeon L5520 4-core CPUs clocked at 2.3GHz with 8MB cache and a 60W TDP.

Each node also has 192GB of RAM each, a 1TB hard disk drive (with the option to add two more, either SAS, SSD or SATA), support for software RAID, Dedicated remote LAN lights out management port on separate Ethernet port plus two GbE connectors and an open PCIe slot. Other ports (remember, that’s per node) include two USB, one serial and one D-Sub.

As expected, the server also comes with hot-plug, redundant power supplies and deliver, according to Dell, twice the density capability of traditional 1U servers.

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