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Microsoft teams up with British Airways to promote Windows 8

British Airways is currently giving away £100 off a British Airways Club Europe flight to one of 77 European destinations covered by the airline. The offer is, in theory, available to everyone who expressed their interest in a Windows 8 device since the promotion email that announced the offer came from Microsoft (each of them contains a personal code).

You will need to use the unique code before midnight 1 May 2013 and travel before 13 December 2013. The £100 per ticket is applicable for tickets costing cumulatively more than £300 and can be used for bookings of up to nine passengers. So in theory, you could get your tickets for free if you buy at least three costing £100 or less each.

Note that you cannot use the code retrospectively or for internal flights. The promotional campaign highlighted Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet which the company says is “great for travel”. Check out our review of the Windows RT-based slate here.

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