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Price of Android HDMI dongle falls under £20

Online Chinese retailer Focalprice is selling a HDMI stick, commonly known as an Android TV Cloud dongle for as little as $29.99, that’s less than £20 with free shipping.

The device runs on the popular Telechips TCC8925 SoC, a 1GHz Cortex-A5 processor with a MALI 400 GPU, which should be powerful enough to get the Android 4.0.4 ICS operating system running.

Other features include 512MB of RAM, 4GB onboard storage with a microSD card slot that can accommodate 32GB SD card slot, a HDMI connector, a mini USB port for power and a mini-USB port.

The offer ends in four days, after which the price of the dongle will rise by 28 per cent. The number of HDMI dongles has risen sharply over the past 12 months because of their price and the capabilities they offer.

So much so that companies like Dell have started to look at this form factor, which can add “smart” functionality to dumb screens/monitors, closer. Dell’s Project Ophelia, for example, is a prime example of that interest.

Surprisingly enough, a quad-core tablet is significantly cheaper than a quad-core HDMI dongle at the time of writing at less than $90.

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