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Talktalk gets £750,000 fine from Ofcom for “abandoned calls”

UK Telco regulatory body Ofcom has fined Talktalk a whopping £750,000 for “making an excessive number of abandoned and silent calls” to prospective customers two years ago. Talktalk is one of a dozen of companies that have been fined to date.

The company, Ofcom says, made around 9,000 such calls over seven weeks at the beginning of 2011, far beyond the limits set by Ofcom which says that the rate of abandoned calls should not exceed more than one in 33 calls per campaign over a period of 24 hours.

This means that Talktalk has been charged around £80 per calls, making it an expensive venture and while Ofcom agrees that silent and abandoned calls can cause annoyance and distress to consumers, none of the monies will reach their pockets.

Talktalk has already issued a statement where it blames two of its suppliers, Teleperformance and McAlpine marketing, both of which have seen their agreement being terminated by the company. The telecoms company has also said that it will “fully recover the financial penalty” imposed by Ofcom from the two outfits.

Ofcom’s Consumer Group Director, Claudio Pollack, said in a statement “Silent and abandoned calls can cause annoyance and distress to consumers. Companies must abide by the law and Ofcom’s policies. If they fail to do so then Ofcom will take firm action.”

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