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Today's Tech: Top iPhone games listed, Archos unveils new Android smartphone, Anonymous to launch crowdsourced news platform

New data from the BBC indicates that tablets have overtaken smartphones as the device of choice for the UK's mobile viewing masses. According to the Beeb's latest performance report, slate devices accessed iPlayer 200,000 more times than phones in March - the first time that the handset has failed to top the pile. Mobile requests as a whole continue to grow at a staggering rate and now total 30 per cent of total iPlayer usage. In all, iPlayer was accessed 272 million times in March, with the BBC attributing the high viewing figures in part to the prolonged cold spell that has affected the UK, but mostly to consumer adoption of mobile technology. Follow the link for more on this interesting trend in the world of mobile devices.

Renegade hacking collective Anonymous has raised more than £35,000 to fund the development of a new crowdsourced news platform, set to be dubbed Your Anon News. The project comes after citizen journalism turned up much misinformation in the Boston Marathon bombing investigation this week. Anonymous said that its new project would encourage citizen journalists to live stream coverage of events and provide an alternative to the "10-second sound bites provided by the corporate media." The £35,000 kitty was collected via crowdsourced funding site Indiegogo, with more 1,000 people contributing to the project. The money is set to be used for site development and hosting fees. Read on for more about what the hacking collective has planned.

French manufacturer Archos has unveiled a trio of new unlocked Android-based smartphones. Each device features a super slim design, IPS display, Qualcomm CPU, and dual SIM cards with the flexibility to manage two providers simultaneously. The Archos 35 Carbon (£79.99), Archos 50 Platinum (£179.99), and Archos 53 Platinum (£199.99) will be available in Europe at the end of May, marking a big change in the company's product lineup. "The smartphone market is shifting, as SIM-free sales versus subsidized sales are increasing, and Archos is prepared to respond, as we can offer retail channels affordable, unlocked and feature-rich smartphones without the need to subsidize," CEO Loïc Poirier said in a statement.

So you own an iPhone, and you want to know what the best apps for Apple's smartphone are, naturally enough. After all, the reason that many folks choose Apple is for its famous app ecosystem. Recently, we looked at the best Android apps across a number of articles, splitting them up into different categories such as utilities, reference and so forth (see the final article in that series here, which has links to all the others in the introduction). And we're now doing the same thing with the iPhone. We've already looked at the best reference apps, productivity apps, utility apps, and communication apps, but now it's time to finish the week with some more leisurely pursuits, and a look at the top games. Read on for our run-down.