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EE Unveils 4G Mi-Fi device from Huawei

Online UK mobile operator EE has put a new Mi-Fi device, the Huawei E5776, on preorder with a delivery date expected towards the end of May.

It offers theoretical speeds of up to 150Mbps, as fast as LTE category 4 devices (or CAT4 in networking jargon) and puts it ahead of category 3 (LTE CAT3 devices) like the Galaxy S4.

The E5776 supports up to 10 devices concurrently and has a 3,000mAh battery, a microSD card slot, supports up to 50mbps uploads and has a 2x2 Wi-Fi antenna.

It will cost £12.99 per month on a 2-year contract with 1GB of data per month; add £3 to triple the data allowance, £8 to up it to 5GB and double it to increase it to 8GB. In all cases, the first month is free which essentially shaves up to £2 per month on the most expensive tariff.

EE announced earlier this month that it would be pushing its “up-to” speeds to 80Mbps in 10 cities this summer with the average download speeds likely to hit 20Mbps.

In addition, the service offers a £5 monthly discount on the company’s broadband and comes with EE Film which rolls 2-for-1 cinema tickets, listings, trailers and film downloads and streaming into one convenient service.

If you are after unlimited data download instead, another alternative is Three’s “The One Plan” which offers the ability to use a cheap Android handset as Mi-Fi device with tethering for under £20 per month.

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