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HTC Desire still one of the most popular HTC smartphones worldwide

A report published by mobile specialist found out that the HTC Desire, the first Android smartphone that managed to challenge Apple’s iPhone, is still one of the company’s most popular handsets globally, more than three years after it was launched.

The research looked at the mobile web traffic generated by HTC’s most popular devices (none of which are Windows-based) since January 2012. The leaderboard puts the HTC Evo 4G, which is only officially available in the US at the first place, followed by the Desire, the One X, the Wildfire S and the Sensation.

A couple of notable points. The One X rose from zero to around nine per cent of the HTC user base in 12 months while the HTC Desire dropped from 14 per cent to nine percent over the same period. It appears that first generation brands (Desire, One X, Sensation) usually do better than their follow-ups.

For example, none of the successors of the original Desire (Desire HD, Desire X, Desire C, Desire Z, Desire S) managed to score more than five per cent of the HTC user base. The top five smartphones amount for around 40 per cent of HTC’s userbase, roughly the same proportion 12 months before.

The HTC Desire was the template used by Google to launch its first own-brand smartphone, the Nexus One. You can read a review of the HTC Desire here.

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