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PC Shipments in EMEA fell by a fifth in Q1 2013

The overall shipment (not sales) of personal computers in the EMEA area dropped by 20.2 per cent compared to the same quarter last year, down to 21.8 million units. Laptop shipments fell by 21.6 per cent to 13.6 million units while PCs were down 19.6 per cent to 8.3 million.

But Chrystelle Labesque, research manager, EMEA Personal Computing, IDC, was adamant that this is a shift in purchase patterns rather than a contraction of the market. She said that the overall spending on client devices rose by 15 per cent in 2012 and is likely to grow by double-digits in Q1 2013 as well.

In Western Europe though, traditional computers have suffered a third quarter of contraction with an overall decrease of 22.5 per cent. The UK market performed better than most although all countries in that area suffered double-digit declines.

In the consumer market, smartphones and tablets are where customers’ budget are going while in the public sector and business segment, austerity measures combined with “decelerating renewals” and “lack or delay in IT investment” had a direct impact.

HP remains ahead of Lenovo, Acer, Dell and Asus. Lenovo is the only one which has managed to grow its market share and volume shipment, up from 2.34 million to 2.6 million. In contrast, the market leader, HP saw shipments decline by almost a third from nearly six million to just over four million.

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