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Sony reaped £85m reward for Heavy Rain gamble

Film noir-inspired video game epic Heavy Rain was a big gamble for Sony, but one that ultimately paid off, according to a leading executive at development studio Quantic Dream.

Speaking at Polish gaming festival Digital Dragons, Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière conceded that Heavy Rain had been one of the most expensive video games ever produced but that it was "very profitable" for all the parties involved.

According to de Fondaumière, Heavy Rain cost €16.7 million (£14.3m) to make, with the figure rising to some €40 million (£34.2m) once Sony had factored in its marketing and distribution spend.

"Sony earned more than €100 million (£85.6m) with this game. It's very profitable," de Fondaumièr commented.

He added: "We should stop thinking that innovation rhymes with unprofitable. Creating new experiences is also a way to expand the market."

Quantic Dream is currently understood to be working on two new PlayStation 3 exclusives. Psychological thriller Beyond: Two Souls stars Hollywood talent Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe and will feature an interactive storyline like that of Heavy Rain.

The innovative gaming studio also made an appearance at the PlayStation 4 launch back in February and is understood to be developing a blockbuster PS4 launch title.