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AMD announced new embedded G-Series APUs

AMD unveiled five new embedded chips that aim at helping the company gain momentum outside its traditional PC market. The “Surround Computing” market is viewed by the company as an “area of substantial growth” with single-chip, SoC solutions being one of the driving forces.

Of the five models being presented, the GX-416RA is the only one without an embedded GPU. It comes with a quad-core CPU with a 15W TDP and clocked at 1.6GHz. As for the GX-210HA, it combines a two-core CPU with an AMD Radeon HD8210E GPU clocked at 1GHz and 300MHz respectively and a TDP of 9W.

While the GX-415GA and the GX-420GA come with four cores clocked at 1.5GHz and 2GHz respectively with GPU clock speeds of 500MHz (HD8330E) and 600MHz (HD8400E). The faster model has a TDP of 25W and the slower one, 15W.

The price of the SKY will vary between $49 and $72 in 1,000 units. It’s worth noting that these chips are based on the Jaguar core that powers the PS4 and which comes with an “innovative”, new shared 2MB L2 cache solution and supports ECC.

AMD also claims that the new parts will offer a 124 per cent performance advantage compared to the Intel Atom processor and more than five times over its GPU, both according to industry-standard compute and graphics-intensive benchmarks.

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