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Google Glass release delayed until 2014, warns Eric Schmidt

Early adopters may be forced to revisit this year's holiday wish list, after Google chairman Eric Schmidt warned that Google Glass is unlikely to be released before 2014.

According to Schmidt, the wearable computer is now roughly one year away from a consumer release.

"Well, the developers are beginning now. It would be fair to say that there will be thousands of these in use by developers over the next months and based on their feedback we'll make some product changes and it's probably a year-ish away," commented Schmidt to the BBC.

Google was originally thought to be preparing to release Google Glass en masse in time for this year's holiday season, but it appears that the search giant has fallen behind its original Project Glass release schedule.

That means that the exclusive Explorer Edition of Google Glass is the only version of the product likely to be turning heads in 2013 - the $1,500 (£985) augmented reality headset recently began shipping to selected competition winners as well as developers.

Schmidt didn't comment on Google's pricing intentions for the consumer edition of Google Glass. The search giant originally posited that the product would run up to $600, or around £400, but the considerably higher pricing of the Explorer Edition drew that figure into some doubt.

However, the Google chairman did add that the delay could end up benefitting the early adopter community, as it will give people - both interested consumers and the general public - time to develop a better understanding of wearable tech and its appropriate limitations.

"In general, these kinds of body wearable devices will bring in a whole bunch of such concerns and the fact of the matter is we'll have to develop some new social etiquette. It's obviously not appropriate to wear these glasses in situations where recording is not correct. And indeed you have already these sorts of problems with phones," Schmidt explained.

He continued: "Companies like Google have a responsibility to keep your information safe, but you have a responsibility as well to understand what you are doing, how you are doing it and obey appropriately."

For more on the eagerly anticipated next-gen gadget, check out Google's Project Glass demonstration at this year's SXSW Interactive festival.