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HTC One banned in Netherlands thanks to Nokia

Nokia has managed to win a preliminary injunction against HTC’s top of the range smartphone, the HTC One. The case hinges on the fact that the One is using a component that was apparently “invented by and manufactured exclusively” for Nokia by ST Microelectronics.

The component, which is a dual-membrane microphone used by the Lumia 720, carries the ID tag TDVL4 and is presented by HTC as a HDR microphone. The injunction will be valid until March 2014 after which, in theory, HTC will be able to use the component.

In what looks like another major setback HTC issued a statement saying that it was disappointed in the decision and was considering whether it will have any impact on its business. It will also explore alternative solutions immediately.

Nokia also claims to have more than 40 patents asserted against HTC in Germany, US and the UK. It is not known whether ST Microelectronics actually told HTC that the mic was exclusive to Nokia.

Ifixit did a teardown of the HTC One earlier this year and identified the microphone in step 18. You can read more about the HTC One in the review we did of the smartphone earlier this year.

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