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Infosec 2013: HP launches security test solution WebInspect 10.0

The security division of tech giant HP has marked the first day of Infosec 2013 with the launch of its new application-testing solution, HP WebInspect 10.0.

Designed to identify security vulnerabilities in web services and apps, WebInspect 10.0 enables organisations to put their solutions under rigorous technical examination and ensure their final product is stable and secure.

HP claims WebInspect 10.0 can replicate real-world attacks, thus offering insight over how a solution would survive – or not – in the wild. By offering a break-down of test results, the tool allows security teams discover weaknesses in products during the early stages of their development, and helps them draw up appropriate remedies to flaws exposed by WebInspect.

“To effectively build safe and secure web applications, organisations need to be thinking about and testing for critical threats from the onset of development,” said Mike Armistead, vice president and general manager of Enterprise Security Products at HP.

“HP WebInspect 10.0 empowers clients to become proactive in their security efforts, rather than reacting to attacks after they happen, by simulating attacks to identify vulnerabilities early on and preventing breaches long before they occur.”

Touting the features in WebInspect 10.0’s armoury, HP describes, the 'Guided Scan', as an "interactive testing process based on a patent-pending Adaptive Component Recognition technique for analysing modern complex web applications and JavaScript.”

This, the company says, helps researchers of all knowledge levels adapt and customise tests, even creating more complex examinations like detecting proxy misconfiguration or network authentication.

HP WebInspect 10.0 starts at $1,500 (£980) and is licensed per application, named user or concurrent user. It is available through HP and its partners, with more details on offer via

Infosec 2013 has been noteworthy for its public sector as well as private sector presence, and this morning government minister Chloe Smith discussed Whitehall’s current cyber security strategy, while claiming that IT businesses can capitalise on the growing demand for products that fight online threats.