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Today's Tech: Google Glass delayed until 2014, AMD unveils new G-series APUs, and Infosec 2013 kicks off

Infosecurity Europe 2013 kicked off today and proved a veritable puddle of fun. In the opening keynote, government minister Chloe Smith said the UK cyber security industry can profit from growing threats online, as their services will become more in-demand than ever before. Smith, the Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform at the Cabinet Office, addressed a packed conference room as she emphasised the government's determination to protect the UK's digital infrastructure and provide a boost to its cyber security industry. The Conservative Minister said improving understanding and the capacity to deal with the problems at hand could serve to benefit the UK's cyber security industry, providing an economic boon to mitigate some of the wider financial damage inflicted by cybercrime. Read on for her full comments on just how the government hopes this will work.

Early adopters may be forced to revisit this year's holiday wish list, after Google chairman Eric Schmidt warned that Google Glass is unlikely to be released before 2014. Google was originally thought to be preparing to release Google Glass en masse in time for this year's holiday season, but it appears that the search giant has fallen behind its original Project Glass release schedule. That means that the exclusive Explorer Edition of Google Glass is the only version of the product likely to be turning heads in 2013 - the $1,500 (£985) augmented reality headset recently began shipping to selected competition winners as well as developers. Follow the link for more on Google Glass, including speculation about potential consumer pricing.

If anxiety about a messy workplace server is keeping you up at night, don't fret - we've compiled a seven-step programme that will help you clean up the sloppiest of shared network drives. While shared servers are typically designed to enable collaboration and make files and information freely available to our fellow employees, they often turn into the place where photos of the company Xmas party from six years ago are stored. But Jill Duffy has a solution to your problem, based on a successful firsthand experience. Read on for tips on how to clean up your sloppy servers and how to keep them that way.

AMD unveiled five new embedded chips that aim at helping the company gain momentum outside of the traditional PC market. The "Surround Computing" market is viewed by the company as an "area of substantial growth" with single-chip, SoC solutions being one of the driving forces. Of the five models being presented, the GX-416RA is the only one without an embedded GPU. It comes with a quad-core CPU with a 15W TDP and clocked at 1.6GHz. As for the GX-210HA, it combines a two-core CPU with an AMD Radeon HD8210E GPU clocked at 1GHz and 300MHz respectively and a TDP of 9W. Follow the link for more on AMD's new embedded G-series APUs.