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BitTorrent Sync alpha now available to all users

BitTorrent Sync, which lets users synchronise personal files across multiple devices, is now available to all users.

"It's simple. It's free. It's the awesome power of P2P, applied to file-syncing," BitTorrent said in a blog post.

BitTorrent Sync launched in January with a pre-Alpha stage, and is now making the leap to alpha by opening up to more users. The 20,000 people who gained early access have already synced more than 200TB since the last two months.

"We're really excited about opening up this Alpha," BitTorrent's Christian Averill said in an email. "The feedback has been universally positive."

Averill chalks the excitement up to the no-limit approach to file sizes and folder volumes, as well as the speed and privacy that come along with Sync. Specifically designed to handle large files, the service is based on P2P and doesn't require a trip through the cloud, therefore allowing transfers to run at the maximum speed supported by the user's network.

All Sync file transfers are encrypted, BitTorrent promised; information is never stored on a server and data is protected by encrypted keys.

Based on feedback from early users, BitTorrent is adding new features, including the ability to sync to a read-only file, allowing other people to look at documents without editing the material, or accidentally deleting the content.

Additionally, Sync now allows one-time secrets, a spin-off of the original "secrets" keys that allow sharing and accessing of folders. The new security feature provides a use-once solution that will expire after 24 hours.

The file-sharing service also offers the option to exclude specific files and directories, as well as provide support for additional types of NAS devices, advanced preferences configuration, an improved Linux WebUI, and other improvements.

The Alpha Sync app is available online for download. Those who participate in the early stages of development are welcome to provide feedback and engage in discussions about the service.

BitTorrent is on a roll this week: The site announced earlier this week that it has teamed up with digital distributor Cinedigm to support the upcoming feature film Arthur Newman, then earned the title of king of peer-to-peer sharing in OPSWAT's recent market share report. It was revealed that BitTorrent and its μTorrent arm together garnered 59 per cent of the P2P market, whereas none of the competition reached higher than six per cent.