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Infosec 2013: BlackBerry talks up “mature” tech ahead of Q10 launch

With the return of its trademark physical-keyboard smartphone finally taking place this weekend, BlackBerry has told ITProPortal its “mature” mobile philosophy will make the burgeoning BB10 line a major force in the market.

The Canadian firm today revealed that the BlackBerry Q10 will launch exclusively in Selfridges on Friday, with availability extending throughout the UK in the coming weeks, and Mike Brown, BlackBerry’s Vice President of Security Product Management and Research, claims “there’s still a huge demand for devices with a physical keyboard… For people that are very data heavy in how they interact with people and their phone, a physical keyboard allows you to be much more successful in many ways.”

Brown said the company’s pedigree in business and security sets it apart from industry rivals, and that users on both the consumer and enterprise side of the fence continue to come to BlackBerry because of the assurance its tech offers.

“Security is a key part of designing our platform, and our customers expect that we are taking a serious and thoughtful approach to how we design our products and making sure security is in every single product we produce,” he said.

A BlackBerry veteran of 13 years, Brown admitted that he felt comfortable in the business-oriented enclave of Infosec as supposed to consumer-focused shows like MWC, and said the company still benefits from its corporate image.

“When you look at an enterprise customer, they’re not looking at us as being a point solution where they buy a device and we then wash our hands of it. We have a relationship with the customer, with support contracts and where we fix problems – it’s that mature, stable relationship we give.”

Asked whether the rampant flow of malware in the rival Android ecosystem benefitted his organisation, Brown diplomatically argued that BlackBerry’s different policy enabled users to get maximum reward from mobile applications. “Open source gives you lots of great benefits, that’s why it’s such a big industry, but we build a strong platform to provide protections around it so you can make the most of the device’s benefits.”

One of the major points of discussion regarding mobile security here at Infosec has been the increasing prevalence of privacy-invading apps. We spoke to Bitdefender about the issue and the company’s forthcoming product to tackle it.