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Samsung Galaxy S4 to come as a ruggedized version soon

The president of Samsung Gulf (i.e. Middle East), Young Soo Kim, has announced in a Q&A that there will be a ruggedized version of the Galaxy S4 smartphone launched in the coming weeks.

According to, that was on the back of a question over why Samsung didn’t have a ruggedized version of the Galaxy S4.

The smartphone will apparently be both water-proof and dust-proof and will compete with the likes of the Sony Xperia Z and the Motorola Razr HD. It is not known whether that version of the S4 will be shockproof as well.

Samsung has a number of life-proof smartphones (like the Xcover, the JCB Toughphone Pro-Smart and the Caterpillar Cat B15) but they are mostly confined to the mainstream market (rather than the top end). It will interesting to see how Samsung manages to achieve that. The fact that the S4 has a big screen (5in) makes it slightly more tricky.

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