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Twitter Music boss to head to Biz Stone's Jelly startup

Just a week after the service’s launch, Twitter vice president and #Music boss Kevin Thau has reportedly jumped ship from the social network.

Thau is leaving Twitter to take on the role of chief operating officer at Jelly, an enigmatic startup created by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, AllThingsD has reported, citing “sources familiar with the matter.”

Twitter #Music, a music discovery app that recommends artists and tracks based on a string of user data and trends, launched a week ago, after weeks of rumours and speculation. Thau led the project from its inception, having spurred the acquisition of the We Are hunted startup that eventually became the app’s backbone.

Before joining the Twitter #Music team, Thau worked on the social network’s mobile apps, and most recently helmed its integration into Apple and BlackBerry’s various platforms.

As for Jelly, not much is known about what product or service it will offer, though it has so far been described as a “native mobile” venture.

“People are basically good—when provided a tool that helps them do good in the world, they prove it,” wrote Biz Stone on Jelly’s website, by way of explanation.

“Jelly is a new company and product named after the jellyfish. We are inspired by this particular animal because neurologically, its brain is more ‘we’ than ‘me.’ Also, for the past 700 million years, this decentralized structure has been wildly successful,” he continued mysteriously.

Along with Evan Williams, one of his Twitter co-founders, Stone runs Obvious, an effort that backs web-based startups.