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BBC and Sony set to serve up 4K Wimbledon broadcasts?

Sony and the BBC are set to partner up this summer to trial 4K television broadcasting at the annual Wimbledon Championships tennis tournament.

Sources inside the two companies have confirmed that Sony will deploy a fleet of its outside broadcasting trucks and the camera equipment necessary to film and potentially serve up footage of Andy Murray and pals in Ultra HD (UHD).

"We're trialing 4K at Wimbledon this year. We're really excited about 4K, it's definitely something the public are going to love so we're keen to start rolling it out as soon as possible," said an anonymous source.

The mystery informant added: "When you look at it, you feel something, like the jump from SD to HD, it's amazing. Wimbledon is going to look better than ever."

The Beeb has gotten cozy with Japanese tech giant Sony before, experimenting with both HD and 3D broadcasts when those technologies were still nascent.

While some feel 3D has failed to take off, HD is now common currency in the consumer world and 4K promises to be the next major viewing revolution.

For the time being, it's a shift that may only be witnessed by a select few, given the high price tags attached to early UHD products, like LG's £23,000 84in 4K set.

That said, OEMs are proving quick to get in on the action and a hitherto little known Chinese manufacturer, Seiki, recently broke cover with a 50in 4K display priced at a rather more affordable £850.

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