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Exclusive: Google becomes third biggest Android device player globally

Google, the creator of the Android mobile platform, has quietly surpassed some of its partners to become the world’s third biggest Android device manufacturer, behind Samsung and HTC.

According to data published by for the month of March, Google currently has around eight per cent of the global market of Android devices which includes tablets and smartphones, highlighting the popularity of products such as the Nexus 7 or the Nexus 4.

As for Motorola Mobility, which is now part of Google, it accounts for two per cent of the world’s Android market, which means that altogether, one in ten devices are Google-owned.

Samsung is still by far the biggest Android player, having surpassed HTC last year. Its share of the market currently stands at around 61 per cent. Second-placed HTC has a mere 15 per cent and saw its marketshare decrease by 64 per cent in 12-months.

Sony and Sony Ericsson are joint fourth with just under five per cent each, which means that their cumulative share stands somewhere between nine and 10 per cent.

The rest of the players have negligible portions of the Android market with LG, Acer, Asus and Amazon owning between 0.5 and one per cent of it.

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