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IBM PureFlex and Flex Systems: Main components

IBM's PureSystems are all about flexibility, and this extends to the hardware as well as the software element. This video focuses on the hardware portion of the equation.

Dave Ridley, Technical Product Manager for IBM's PureFlex and Flex Systems, walks through the main component parts that can be installed into the basic Flex System 10U chassis.

There is a huge range of options available, from management nodes to Intel Xeon and IBM POWER7+ units, and the V7000 Storwize virtualising RAID storage system, which can be installed both internally and as an external unit.

The chassis can also be cooled with air at regular outdoor temperature, negating the need for conditioning systems.

Ridley pulls an example Flex Systems chassis apart to show how all the components fit together, from processing nodes to redundant power supplies and cooling units.

In part 2, he focuses on the I/O, storage node, and chassis management.

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