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Infosecurity Europe 2013 - Video Highlights

Earls Court in London played host to the 18th Infosecurity Europe conference between 23rd and 25th April 2013. The event, which features over 350 exhibitors from the Information Security industry, attracts over 12,500 unique visitors every year. This year's event was busier than ever showing the growing interest from businesses to discover more about the measures they should be taking to secure their data.

ITProPortal was at Infosecurity Europe 2013 on the opening day to bring you a series of insightful conversations with company leaders and experts within the information security industry.

Internet Security and the Future of Mobile with Kaspersky.

In this intimate conversation behind the scenes at Infosecurity 2013, David Emm, Senior Security Researcher and Malcolm Tuck, General Manager for Kaspersky talk us through the level of current security threats facing businesses, individuals and indeed nations and governments. They offer some insight into industry attitudes, predictions for the future and an explanation of the current state of mobile security.

How realistic is the phrase "Cyber-War" and what is "Ransomware"?

James Lyne, Director of Technology Strategy at Sophos talks us through how serious the "cyber war" around information security is for businesses. Including an explanation of "ransomware". Here he gives us an insight into, threats, the motivation behind them and how companies can protect themselves. James Lyne's offers thoughts on whether the global recession has increased the number of attacks on business. James Lyne also offers some background on Sophos and the solutions they offer.

The Security Risks in Transferring Data.

Jeff Whitney, Vice President of Marketing for Ipswitch explains how the transfer of data has changed in recent years and why that means the security risks are at an all time high. Jeff Whitney from Ipswitch also gives us an overview of the potential risks and motivations businesses should be concerned about regarding data transfer and explains how Ipswitch has worked to raise awareness and offer solutions.

Mobile Security Ecosystem from Exclusive Networks

Caroline Thomas, Marketing Manager for exclusive networks explains some of the risks and the lack of understanding that exist for businesses in the ever more mobile world. Mobile security has been broken down into an Iceberg Ecosystem model to offer advice to businesses on the correct steps to minimize the threats posed by mobile working.

Darren Anstee, Solutions Architect for Arbor Networks talks us through the types of DDoS threats that pose a risk to business currently. Including discussions around motives, types of threat and the sorts of businesses most affected. Darren also offers advice and solutions from Arbor Networks.

UK to host the Global Centre for Cyber Security reaction from SecureData.

Etienne Greeff, Chief Executive of SecureData gives us his reaction to new research published by PWC and Gartner and the announcement by Foreign Secretary William Hague that the UK is to host the Global Centre for Cyber Security. Etienne Greeff also gives his overview on the security industry as a whole and what the future holds.

Current attitudes towards Information Security, The Juniper Networks Study.

Juniper Networks released extensive research into the attitudes of individuals representing businesses towards information security, threats, perceived risk and the understanding behind the motivation of the human beings responsible for security breaches. Here, Michael Callahan talks us through the research and outlines what conclusions can be drawn from the results and how to implement these into security solutions.

Mobile Security, The Webroot Research Study.

Webroot has released an extensive research study into the threat that mobile working poses to business data. In this video George Anderson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Webroot talks us through the conclusions from the research and offers advice for businesses with remote users.

Twitter based Malware Attacks and the Risk to Business with Trusteer.

Dana Tamir, Director of Security for Trusteer talks us through the new wave of security threats accessing data via Twitter. Dana Tamir explains that businesses have invested huge amounts of money into network security but have neglected user end points like social media where hackers and phishing emails use services like Twitter to breach company security and access sensitive data.

Cloud Security with Mimecast

Neil Murray, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Mimecast shares his views on the barriers facing businesses considering a move to cloud storage. He offers an insight into what IT managers should consider when looking at the various cloud options on the market. Neil Murray also explains the concept around the new Mimecast single platform cloud security solution unveiled at Infosecurity 2013.

Cloud Security and the Worlds First Crypto Hypervisor.

Mark Yakabusi, Vice President for Hardware Security Module Business Unit at Safenet speaks here about cloud security and the considerations businesses must give you risks cloud storage presents as they make the switch. Safenet have announced the worlds first Crypto Hypervisor and how they took traditional hardware security and apply that to cloud. Mark Yakabusi from Safenet explains here.

The Future of Security within Machine Data

Mark Seward, Senior Director for Security Compliance Marketing at Splunk discusses why he thinks the future of security resides in machine data, spotting abnormal patterns and monitoring user endpoints. Splunk have also alluded very subtly to a new product announcement in the pipeline very soon.

Mobile Security Advice for Business from Fortinet.

Patrick Bedwell, Vice President of Product Marketing and Patrice Perche, Vice President for International Sales and Marketing from Fortinet offer advice for businesses considering mobile security. They give an overview of the industry as a whole and the solutions offered by Fortinet.