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Want that iPhone 5? Apple and Barclaycard team up with special offer

Barclaycard and Apple have come together to offer a zero per cent interest package, allowing qualifying Barclaycard customers to spread the cost of purchase on 12 months.

Apple usually charge up to 14.9 per cent (subject to status) on purchases via its own Apple Finance services. On a £530 16GB Apple iPhone 5 smartphone, that represents an average monthly payment of £44 and a saving of around £80 on interest.

You need either to visit an Apple Retail Store or go to, buy any Apple product costing more than £429 and pay with the card.

The offer is valid only for Apple purchases (which excludes third party accessories, software and services as well) and applies to purchases made between 24 April and 31 July 2013.

You will need to have the Barclaycard physically at hand for purchases instore.

The deal, which was received by email, doesn’t seem to have an upper limit other than the customer’s own credit limit.

If you fail to pay the amount due at the end of the promotional period, you will be charged the relevant fees and interest.

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