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LG confirms 55in curved OLED HDTV for June release

LG has confirmed that it will begin shipping its eagerly anticipated 55in curved OLED HDTV, the 55EA9800, in June. At least, that's the case for consumers in the manufacturer's native South Korea.

A Korean LG press release revealed that the 55EA9800 is set to go on pre-order in May ahead of a release in June, though a subsequent English statement from the company said that release details and pricing relevant to Western markets would come in "the months ahead."

LG unveiled the 55EA9800 alongside a traditional flat screen companion set, the 55EM960V, at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Neither TV has released in the UK yet, though the latter has now made it to the US.

Both OLED sets utilise a new display technology known as Oxide TFT, but the real selling point of the 55EA9800 is that its screen curves towards the viewer for an immersive effect designed to closely replicate the cinematic experience.

According to the spec sheet, the 55EA9800 has a depth of just 4.3mm and weighs a mere 17kg. LG's new curved HDTV has been anointed with a price tag of 15 million Korean won, which works out at around £8,500, though we fully expect it come at a significant premium for export markets.

The Korean manufacturer has previously ventured that the less premium 55EM960V will likely retail in the region of £10,000, so something a fair bit north of that price up is likely.