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Syrian group adds Guardian accounts to Twitter hack rampage

Hackers acting under the name of the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) have added to their string of publicity stunts today by gaining control of over ten Twitter accounts belonging to The Guardian.

The group claimed responsibility for sabotaging the BBC Weather feed on the social media site in March and pulled off an even bigger coup last week by hacking an Associated Press account to post false stories of explosions in the White House – an incident that saw the Dow Jones industrial average fall by over 150 points before recovering.

Now the SEA has managed to send self-promoting tweets from a number of different Guardian accounts, with Softpedia reporting that as many as 11 have been compromised. A message reading “Follow the Syrian Electronic Army… Follow the truth!” remains on the Guardian’s Sustainable Business feed (pictured above) at the time of writing, while the Guardian Film account, boasting some 114,000 followers, has been suspended.

Guardian Books, Travel, Business, Pictures, and accounts belonging to editors, have also been compromised.

The sweeping attacks have been noted for their sophistication by the newspaper’s data editor James Ball, who earlier tweeted, “The guys doing the Guardian phishing attack I mentioned yesterday (it's SEA) are really very good: sustained, changing, mails today.”

In a year that has already seen high-profile accounts like Burger King and Jeep fall foul of hackers, pressure is likely to build on Twitter to offer improved security defences for corporate users.