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Today's Tech: Xbox One features detailed, BlackBerry Q10 sells out, and ZTE Blade 3 reviewed

To its considerable detriment, technology is still a man's world. Notable women in tech are outnumbered drastically by their male counterparts, and all too often the female contribution at key events is reduced to a glamorous celebrity outsider offering hollow, scripted endorsements of products they likely care little about - see recent acts from Jessica Alba at Windows Phone 8 and Alicia Keys for BlackBerry 10. Whittle the broader technology scene down to IT security, and the gender imbalance is even more profound. Female executives were typically scarce at one of the industry's flagship shows, Infosecurity Europe, last week; so having chewed the fat over the latest security trends and the rise of her own company, ITProPortal asked White Hat Security CEO Stephanie Fohn how she feels representing a minority in the sector. Read on for her views and experiences.

The BlackBerry Q10 is off to a flying start, with iconic UK retailer Selfridges reporting that it sold out of its initial allocation of the device within two hours. Selfridges enjoyed exclusive UK retail rights to the BlackBerry Q10 from 26 April ahead of the device's wider consumer release today (29 April), and the QWERTY-sporting handset quickly rumbled into the record books as the store's fastest-selling consumer technology product ever. The Q10 also performed strongly online, the retailer added - follow the link for more on early BlackBerry Q10 sales indications.

We're less than one month away from the big reveal of Microsoft's new Xbox gaming console and eager gamers are glued to every word and detail that leaks out about the new device, truthful or speculative. While much has been talked about, guessed at, and revealed about the hardware and overall setup of the new console, there hasn't been as much chit-chat about the software. Specifically, what might Microsoft have in mind for the new interface and all the various Xbox features contained within? Based on the latest rumour-mongering, all roads lead to some kind of video-capturing setup - you know, the sort that's already been announced for Sony's PlayStation 4. Where it may differ is that Microsoft's will allegedly allow the console to focus in on key moments within one's game and automatically fire up the recording if a gamer performs a particular accomplishment - a "snap highlights" mode. Jealousy creeping in yet? Follow the link for more on the latest Xbox One features as revealed by Microsoft and its sources.

The budget smartphone market has taken off over the past couple of years, propelled significantly by the release of Orange's ZTE-produced San Francisco handset. Since then, the Chinese firm has delved further into the affordable handset sector with the ZTE Blade, which is now on its third iteration. Sandra Vogel took the ZTE Blade 3 for a spin, and found it to be a 'serviceable' handset. Among other things, the Blade 3 is nicely designed, solidly made and boasts a clever lock screen. Though it does have some problem areas - namely limited HSDPA, an iffy camera and a subpar screen - its £80 pricetag negates most criticisms. Read on for a closer look at the device.