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Google to shut down Meebo bar in June

Meebo has announced that Google will shut down the Meebo Bar publishing tool as of 6 June.

The web giant is giving Meebo Bar the old heave-ho to focus its resources on other projects, like the recently launched Google+ Sign-In, and a number of plug-ins for the social network. The Meebo Bar is a JavaScript plug-in that publishers can add to their site to let visitors share content to social networks and chat with friends.

"Five years ago, we launched the Meebo Bar to bring community, engagement, and revenue to publisher sites," the Meebo team wrote in a message on its website. "As part of the Google team, this continues to be our focus, but we want to best serve mobile and desktop publishers moving forward."

Google acquired Meebo in June 2012, and shut down a month later.

After 6 June, the Meebo Bar will stop loading on any publisher sites to which it's been added. Meebo recommended users remove the inactive code from their site as a "general code housekeeping task."

Meebo will continue to provide analytics for the toolbar via the Meebo Dashboard until 30 June. New Meebo Bar creation has already been disabled.

Those who want to delete their Meebo user account can do so immediately at: Note that by deleting your account, you'll lose access to your Meebo Dashboard. Meebo recommended users remove the Meebo Bar from their site before deleting their user account.

Meanwhile, Google is also gearing up to shut down its Reader service on 1 July, a move that has the Internet up in arms.

Google isn't the only company doing spring cleaning. Yahoo will soon be shutting down several aging products like Yahoo Deals, Yahoo SMS Alerts, Yahoo Kids, and older versions of Yahoo Mail. In addition, AOL is bidding adieu to AOL Music, which also includes The Boot, Noisecreep, Spinner, and The Boom Box.