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IBM helps launch Be The Start sustainability campaign at London HQ

Computing giant IBM is eager to kick off May in earnest, having this morning helped to launch the month-long Be The Start sustainability campaign with an exclusive event at its London headquarters.

Be The Start is overseen by charity Business in the Community and its affiliate Start, and features a range of leading UK organisations, each of which will take centre stage for one day in May to highlight their environmental initiatives.

IBM is one of the household names taking part and will showcase its sustainable energy projects and other community work in Chale, Isle of Wight, on 14 May.

Speaking at the Be the Start launch, IBM VP of marketing, communications, and citizenship Caroline Taylor said the goal of the campaign was "to make it easy and accessible to be more sustainable" and to "change how people are thinking and ultimately behaving."

"We're very proud at IBM to have been one of the founding partners of Start," she added.

IBM, which also sponsors and helps curate the Smarter Trends green tech and smarter cities website, is joined by the likes of Waitrose, Eurostar, Virgin Money, Thames Water, Innocent Drinks and many more in supporting Be The Start this year.

"We know that collective action can make a real difference to our communities, workplaces and homes. This year, we have over 40 companies working in partnership with Be The Start. Our ambition is that all 850 companies who are members of BITC will join this movement, within the next five years," commented Alan Knight, sustainability director at Business in the Community.

Be The Start is organised into themed weeks. Things kick off on 1 May with 'Healthier and Happier Nation' week, which is followed by 'More Resourceful Living,' 'More Vibrant Communities,' 'Smarter Travel,' and 'A Nation That Shares.'

There are a number of ways for members of the public to engage with Be The Start, including on Twitter via the #BeTheStart hashtag. There are also some nifty prizes up for grabs as part of the campaign, ranging from a free holiday to a new bicycle.

"Most of us know that there are things we can stop doing to make changes to the world we live in. The Start message is different. It's about inspiring people to take positive action and start doing things...throughout May, Be The Start will inform and showcase the many ways we can all start living a more sustainable lifestyle, and how we can encourage our friends and families to do the same," said Start director Joey Tabone.