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Mac OS X 10.9 to borrow from iOS?

Apple's next Mac OS X update is likely to arrive this summer, with a few updates that bring it even more in line with iOS, 9to5Mac reported.

OS X 10.9, codenamed "Cabernet," will not be a complete system overhaul. According to 9to5Mac, which cited unnamed sources, new operating system subtleties include Finder tags and a tabbed browsing mode. And, to the benefit of OS X "power users," version 10.9 reportedly allows the ability to run full-screen apps on one monitor, while accessing other desktop spaces on a second screen.

Other changes include a redesigned Safari back-end, for improved page loading, speed, and efficiency, 9to5Mac said, as well as app switching and pausing tricks, which trickle down to CPU and battery-life improvements.

The OS update seems to be more about dressing up existing features than it is about introducing new ones, which TechCrunch pointed out stays in line with Apple's recent OS X development strategy. Most alterations will be reserved for under-the-hood improvements, which won't affect users in a big way.

We'll likely hear more about what Apple has up its sleeve at June's Worldwide Developer's Conference. Last week, Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, said Apple is "excited to show [developers] the latest advances in software technologies. Last year's WWDC provided a sneak peek of Mac OS X Mountain Lion, which was released in July and ported a number of iOS features to the desktop operating system, like Messages.